Moving to a new country can be difficult. Here in Finland we are insanely lucky to have a tight-knit Fulbright alumni community of both Americans and Finns who organize events, give lots of helpful tips, and are generally awesome. Here is a list of Finland life hacks that I think will be useful during my time in Helsinki:

  • Catch flash sales on the VR train (with routes running throughout Finland) by signing up with Veturi
  • Get cheap tickets for excursions within Finland on the Onni Bus or OnniExpress
  • Find awesome summer cottage rentals around Turku through Archipelago booking
  • Plan trips in the Helsinki and Tampere regions with the Reitti GPS app
  • Check out a weekend trip to Nuksio for a Finnish countryside experience close to Helsinki
  • Beat the expensive Finnish prices and find great secondhand finds on Huuto.net or Tori.fi (this is where I plan on finding a used bike!)
  • Get the best weather forecast (essential here!!) from the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI)
  • Catch great concerts at Musikkitalo
  • Find convenient co-working spaces in Helsinki at the Helsinki Think Company

I’m sure there are way more — please leave suggestions in the comments! I also met a Finnish alumnus who claims he can give me a tour of the speakeasy scene, but that is not something I will be making publicly available… 🙂

funny infographic cartoon about life in Finland
A hilarious cartoon of “Life in Finland” I found on Twitter @Matkamessut



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